Dirty Trick

I miss Instagram! My phone deleted it and I have too much on my phone storage to get it back! Perhaps this could be my hoax trick? Well I’m going to bed now.

Love Ella


Apt kill

C5036779-EF65-424C-95AF-10CDE1F0A05E.jpegI keep wondering where all the apartments went that would work for me. It seems there are many 4 bedroom apartments with rent like $450, $475 or $360 and I look at the bathroom that might work for two people. Then the kitchen that might work for two people and I keep smiling pretending that it’s the best apartment I’ve seen.

I mean it’s not really my fault what Craigslist posts. Emergency housing is more like it. Is there an easy button for working, apt hunting, packing and going back to school?



A teacher once said, “Never kill your self over another.” Sure. Ok. Still, I remember the scene where Juliet fights with her father over love. And isn’t this a metaphor for the rich getting angry with the people in poverty? Maybe that’s suicide? and what can people die of? Is poverty a disease we don’t talk about?

Clutter Nature Lies Here

Whoever told me I could do everything today lied! How can I with driving around town, sleeping alone without covers because I got up at 4am again. My body refuses to sleep. I’m okay until I feel sick. Stop to nap.

Well, I finally submitted an article. It takes guts and more guts so I’m patting myself on the back and going to bed.

Here is a picture of some kind of technology in nature. What kind of lies can I make up about this photo? Too tired to lie.

Love Ella


Roof Ugh


This is not a roof.

I am sitting waiting for my mom to come out to the patio. As I type I hope I have time to tell you about this bizarre day.

3:50am My eyes open to see the hallway light on. The fans blowing and sheets over me. (Mom starts to talk.) My stomach aches. I stay in bed a bit then get up, I’m wide awake. As wide as my eyes open even though my eyes don’t open very wide. Then I use the bathroom and then start to eat a nectarine. (My mom is seating out in the backyard. Sounds louder than the city out here). I cook oatmeal oh yeah, I chopped up the nectarine to put in there. Oatmeal is delicious and what a great bargain! Calcium and protein too!

Well it’s about 7:30am when all through the house, nothing was stirring except for the men on the roof! Yes! I said the men talking above me! Mind you, I am not wearing pants at the moment. Was there a text, phone call about this? Nope! Oh it gets better. I grab the closest thing: a skirt and quickly put it on. Just then they take off the sun roof window and the guy standing up there asks, “How are you?” As he looks at my shirt I notice it’s a bit see through. I’m not wearing a bra.

I ignored the question and run back into where I am not seen.

(Excuse me, my mom is calling me.)